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Twitter Followers

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Even though we are the only genuine Twitter service provider, we can confidently say that we are  the best! We take quality control very seriously and make sure our customers are 100% satisfy.

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Strategy to Grow followers on Twitter

Improve your reputation

Ultimately, social media platforms that have high following and engagement are viewed as more reputable compared to dormant profiles. This way, you are likely to attract more credible followers compared to having an inactive Twitter handle. Typically twitter is all about authority and reputation. The more followers you acquire for your handle the more engaged and credible you appear. That way, you stand a chance to grow your influence over time.


Growing a Twitter handle is not only a daunting task but time-consuming. While it may take longer to grow a Twitter handle, buying Twitter followers can create a buzz for your profile within a couple of days. This relieves you of the time and costs you may have incurred in growing your account through the traditional way.

Improves Engagement

Engagement on a Twitter handle is a key ingredient for growth. A high number of followers on a Twitter handle not only fuels engagement but also attracts credible followers and brands to your platform. With a high following, you stand a chance to attract engagement for every post or content you share. That way, Twitter perceives you as more credible thereby able to share your content with a wider audience. As such the number of followers is likely to increase over time.

Reduces the cost of Advertising

Online marketing is not only expensive but time-consuming. As such, all you need is to purchase Twitter followers, create a buzz on the handle and post your marketing content. That way, you easily reach out to a wider audience at no cost. By incurring a one-time cost of buying Twitter followers, you can achieve a high ROI if you choose the right audience. In that case, rather than invest in the high cost of online advertising, you should invest time and energy to grow your Twitter handle.

Brand visibility

If you are struggling with slow-moving products then it’s high time you invest in buying Twitter followers. With the growth in the number of followers on your Twitter handle, you can easily share and market your products to your existing followers. Additionally, you can leverage the target audience purchased from  to share marketing content with your audience.

With a high number of followers, the twitters algorithm automatically picks your content and shares it with your followers. That way, you stand a chance to improve brand visibility and experience exponential growth for your brand.


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Supplements marketing efforts

Marketing can be challenging without an appropriate strategy. If you grow your Twitter handle, you can easily leverage a high number of followers to market your products and services. This will make it easier to generate more income for your company.

Lead Generation

Although creating a social buzz on your Twitter handle may be interesting, you can leverage the growth to generate important contacts for your business. With the high number of followers, it is easier to collect important leads and data that you can use for marketing.

Boost Conversions

Growing your Twitter handle is a perfect way of improving conversions for your entity. With an increased number of followers, you can leverage the growing numbers to market your brand and get conversions for your business. This is a recipe for growth which is ideal in improving revenue for the company. In addition to buying Twitter followers, here are some tips on how to boost your Twitter following.

Follow People Regularly

To grow your Twitter handle, you should ensure you follow people within your vertical. These people are likely to follow you back. In that case, you should ensure you only follow people that may be interested in your product or service. A perfect strategy is going for Twitter handles that offer similar services and following their followers. That way, they are likely to follow back and become your loyal customers with time.

Schedule tweets

Various premiums and free tools are available online that you can use to schedule your tweets. Instead of having to post every time, you can simply line up your posts and let them run according to your preferred timeframe. This not only saves you time but also helps you post at any time of your choice. some of the tools you can use to schedule your tweets include Hootsuite, Hubspot, buffer, and many others.

Share valuable content

Besides sharing important links with some commentary, you need to tweet valuable content regularly. Such links are likely to be retweeted and shared by followers. Additionally, try to always tweet links back to your website as well. In that case, tweets with links are likely to be retweeted by users.

Optimize your biography

Most Twitter users tend to underscore the importance of their bio. To make it easier for people to find you, ensure you use industrial-specific keywords. However, you can include a clickable link back to your website as well. This way, you not only improve your reach but also attract more visitors to your website.

Request for Retweets

You can choose to request followers to retweet your tweets. That makes it easier to reach out to more followers and achieve a wider following for your Twitter handle.

Upload your email   contacts

By uploading email contacts on your Twitter handle doesn’t mean unverified emails. This may be a recipe for losing your Twitter handle. All you need is simply uploading the email contacts to your Twitter account and request the users to follow you. This guarantees you, active followers, for your Twitter handle.

Use your Real Picture

Many people prefer using fake pictures to hide their identity. Whether you intend to use a company log or anything else, you have to know that most Twitter users prefer following human beings but not companies. The human aspect created by your real picture is likely to boost the confidence of Twitter users who may easily follow back. Generally, Twitter is a pretty personal platform hence many people would prefer to follow individuals as opposed to entities. Infact, some entities prefer their leaders to retain their profiles to help promote the company image. Overall, buying Twitter followers is a perfect idea but you can still utilize other growth strategies to accelerate growth and improve your outreach efforts. So how can you use Twitter to grow your business? Here are important insights!


Twitter is a resourceful platform that you can use to collect important data for your business. Though you may not be actively engaged on Twitter, someone else is likely to be tweeting about you or your company. Further, Twitter has a search engine that allows users to enter topics, company names, and other important data. To understand what people are saying about your entity, always keep an eye on Twitter. You are likely to come across either positive or negative information about your entity. As such, you can get important data that you need for your business. On the other hand, Twitter offers important information about your competitor. Apps like Twitonomy can be used to enter a user name and get all tweeting information about an entity and its followers. In that case, your competitor may be having resourceful followers that you can follow and use to grow your audience.

Use as a media outlet

Incase you can’t afford to hire a Pr firm, then Twitter is an ideal platform that you can use to share important information about your product or service. In this case, you should only engage in this if you understand twitters etiquette. However, you should research what competitors are posting to understand what’s relevant to the target audience. If you research what other industrial players are posting, you will realize they are not just posting issues about themselves but also sharing important links and videos with their followers. For example, you do not need to share industrial-specific content. Instead, you can choose to share trending information or news that may be helpful to the audience.

Give a voice to your Brand

Twitter is an essential tool that you can use to give your brand personality and a voice. Sharing friendly upbeat and to some extend family photos on your profile gives your brand a voice. This doesn’t undermine important information that you regularly share with the audience but helps give the brand a human character. Sparking interest with such an approach can play a great role in inducing engagement and attracting more followers to the platform. This is ideal in helping grow your business to greater levels.

Offering customer service

Although people would like to be informed, many are not interested to read through several magazines and watch millions of video content available online. So whether you intend to share news materials, links to videos, or advice, all this attracts the interest of your followers. As you tailor your marketing campaigns, remember to customize the communication messages to suit the interest of your followers. As they follow your business account, they gradually become important leads that you can use for your business. Twitter is all about customer service, sharing information, and conversation. In that case you have to understand your followers so that you can be able to share the right information with them. To connect with the audience, keep the conversation alive by responding to comments and messages. So how can you use Twitter effectively for your business? Here is how!

  1. Content strategy

Content strategy is key in handling a Twitter business account. The content must not only be relevant but of high quality. This means you should always share content that has value with your followers. If you create a plan, then you are likely to satisfy your objective by meeting the needs of your target audience.

Some of the aspects that you need to put into consideration are what your business intends to achieve through using a Twitter handle.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are;

  • Do you want to improve your website traffic?
  • Do you want to improve brand visibility?
  • Do you intend to generate sales?
  • Build your reputation in your expert area?

After identifying what you intend to achieve, you have to define your audience. This helps you understand the type of population you intend to reach out with your content strategy. Once you establish who you want to target and draw your content objectives, you can proceed to roll out a robust content strategy that resonates with the target audience.

  1. Use videos and photos in tweets

Integrating videos and photos in tweets are ideal in inducing engagement than plain text. In that case, you should strive to use relevant photos not only in tweets but comments as well. Videos tend to be more powerful in driving information. In fact people are likely to remember what they watched than what they read. As such, you should aim at grabbing the attention of your Twitter followers by sharing the most eye-catching videos and photos in your tweets.

  1. Always stick to the initial plan

Whichever strategy you roll out for your Twitter handle, you should stick to your initial objective. This not only helps improve the credibility of your brand but also consistently. Transforming from one goal to another brings confusion which may create suspicion among followers. In the long run, you may lose out on an important set of audiences that could already be following your brand. Always keep your client persona in mind when rolling out your content strategy. Incase you have a different course you want to follow .you can choose to create a different account. This will make it easier for your followers to distinguish your brand from others. In the long run, you stand to end up with a strong brand and loyal followers that can easily convert to long-term clients.

  1. Tweet and engage


Integrating a website with your Twitter makes it easier to automatically send your feed. This should not be enough since you have to follow up and engage the audience. Keeping the conversation going makes you look credible which is likely to attract the interest of more followers. The more followers engage and interact with your brand, the more they become familiar with your products and services. With improved engagement, you are likely to get high engagement which is ideal for brand visibility and growth.

  1. Help where you can

You can choose to respond to other people by commenting on their ideas or responding to queries. Many people always get interested to engage with helpful people. Developing such a relationship is rewarding since the people you helped with important advice or commented on their tweets are likely to comment on your tweets. This way you increase engagement and the number of followers who are likely to follow you back based on how you interact with them.

  1. Direct messaging

Giving followers an option of contacting you directly is perfect to connect with potential investors and encourage important conversations. In that case you should set up your Twitter account to receive messages from anyone including the people that don’t follow you. This opens up more business opportunities for any potential person who may be interested in your brand. Further, adding a message button on your profile helps reach out to a wider audience irrespective of their location.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are ideal in helping you promote your business to a wider audience. Here are the best ways you can use Hashtags for your business. To research what people are saying about a similar business venture. You can highlight every campaign using various Hashtags. As such you can tailor every campaign to use various Hashtags. That way you can easily reach out to more people and improve the reach of your campaigns. On the flip side, do not use several Hashtags. A minimum of two is enough in every campaign you set up for your business.

  1. The use of Twitter adds

Twitter comes with excellent features that you can use for your ad campaigns. Besides improving clicks and app downloads, you can use your business account to reach out to a wide audience and get more traffic and followers for your Twitter handle and website. In this case you can leverage targeting features to reach out to a specific audience that you need. Incase you find it challenging to set up your Twitter ad campaign, you can choose to use automatic bidding. This will help you ascertain an ideal budget for every campaign to suit your company’s objectives.

  1. Use Twitter analytics

Twitter comes with excellent analytics features that you can utilize to get important data for your marketing campaigns. As such, you can use the feature not only to learn how your tweets are doing but to understand your client persona. The analytics tool comes with a dashboard where users can see all the activities of their Twitter handle. With this, you can easily collect important data that you may use to improve the performance of your business. Nothing is as important as running campaigns from an informed point of view. Incase you are planning to grow your business through leveraging on Twitter features, then it’s high time you consider creating an account.

If you are thinking about buying Twitter followers, you must ensure you buy from a credible dealer. Failure to buy real followers may have a serious effect on your Twitter handle. Here are the dangers of buying fake Twitter followers.

Account suspension

If you buy Twitter followers from fake dealers, then you are likely to lose your Twitter handle. This is because the twitters algorithm can measure engagement vs. the number of followers which justifies fake followers. With this, Twitter may flag and suspend your account at any given time. As such, you should consider collaborating with to get real followers.

Lack of credibility

The credibility of a brand is essential to attract potential clients. With suspicion, many may avoid your brand making you lose important prospects. It is against this backdrop that you should invest in a credible dealer to avoid soiling the image of your brand.

Can water down your marketing efforts

While many are always in a rush to buy Twitter followers without taking time to scrutinize the authenticity of dealers, taking your time to ascertain a genuine seller is critical for the survival of your social media campaign. This may wreak havoc on the overall performance of your marketing campaigns. In other words, buying Twitter followers comes with numerous benefits for your brand. You not only stand a chance to stamp your authority in a competitive business environment but also boost your marketing efforts.

They don’t add value to your engagement

Typically, fake followers never improve engagement. In fact almost 99% of fake followers never go beyond following. This erodes the use of social media which allows you to engage, share ideas and interact with the target population. While having more followers on your Twitter account may look pretty attractive, the fact that you have over 60,000 followers with little or no engagement raises questions about your credibility.

Real followers  guarantees real and active followers for your Twitter account. Trusted by thousands of brands and influencers, we believe our service can help you grow your account beyond your expectation. However, we use advanced technology to ensure every follower that you get for your platform is real. This not only safeguards your Twitter account but improves the credibility of your brand among other competitors.

Twitter followers

Pose risk to legitimate followers

Generally, most scams that happen on social media platforms involve fake accounts. As such, if you opt to buy fake followers, they may end up hacking the accounts of your followers. In worst-case scenarios, these accounts may still have crucial data from your followers which they may use to fraud them. In that case, if you care about credibly growing your Twitter handle then it’s high time you avoid buying fake Twitter followers. This not only poses a serious risk to your follower’s accounts but also threatens the legitimacy of your profile. If you find yourself struggling to grow your audience and generate quality leads for your business, it’s high time you invest in growing your Twitter account. That way, you can easily leverage the high number of followers to not only advertise your brand but also improve brand visibility. Are you wondering how you can improve engagement and grow your Twitter handle? Place an order now at to buy Twitter followers from the UK or any other part of the World.

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How Does This Work?

Choose a plan, place your order and we get to work promoting your Twitter account using a mix of proven promotion techniques until you gain the number of followers we promised. #NoBiggie

What do followers look like?

The Twitter followers you’ll receive from us look as real and active as you can imagine. Full profiles, tweets often and have followers of their own.

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It’s safe, reliable and a highly cost-effective way of growing your Twitter account. It’ll boost your credibility, help you reach up to 100x more people, and allow you to make a larger impact. Why wouldn’t you?

Is buying followers safe?

Absolutely! At Instapple, keeping your account safe is our priority. We only use promotion techniques that are Twitter approved so your account is never at risk of getting suspended or penalized.

Why should I use Instapple?

We’ve been in the industry for over 6 years, we offer the best guaranteed service and constantly improve it, and our support team is world-renowned.

Can I lose followers?

Rarely, but it can happen if users unfollow you or Twitter removes inactive accounts. This is why we always over-deliver and include a replacement guarantee. If you do lose followers and drop under what we guaranteed, we’ll replace them.

Will others know I bought followers?

No. Our followers look like any other followers and are always delivered naturally. The only way anyone will know is if you tell them… and even then they may have trouble believing you.

How much does it cost?

Using our hyper-targeted marketing tactics, we keep cost under £0.03 per follower. Compared to Twitter Ads at $0.50 to $2.50 per follower, we save you up to 98% for similar results.

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