Whether you are low and want to get inspired or tired of reading through inspirational books, you can choose to go through various Instagram accounts to get inspired. With the internet space ever-growing, you can expect better content than ever before.

While there are hundreds of inspirational Instagram accounts, these inspirational Instagram accounts we have highlighted here are ideal to offer you daily inspiration.

Do you want to be inspired? Here are some of the most popular inspirational Instagram accounts that you should check out.

#1. Humans of New York

Surviving day-to-day challenges can leave you discouraged and even wonder how to overcome them. On that note, Humans of New York offers a perfect inspirational platform for everyone. By sharing inspirational stories from other individuals and how they overcame it, you can easily relate to the stories and help you ease stress or depression that may be hitting you hard. When you are low, all you need is inspiration to keep you moving and remain focused.

#2. Amy Poehler Smart Girls

Amy Poehler Smart Girls focuses on encouraging people to trust in themselves. If you feel discriminated against because of your gender and feel you can’t do certain things, then this page offers great inspiration. The page is ideal for parents raising girls to inspire them to face the world and believe in their abilities.

If you are raising teenagers, you better refer your daughter to the page so that they can get inspired and learn to tolerate feminist challenges that they may encounter later in life. This prepares them psychologically to face the world boldly without being discouraged.

#3. Deepak Chopra

If you are looking for wisdom inspiration from an established author, then Deepak Chopra is an ideal Instagram account that you should check out. On this page, the renowned author of over 80 books shares helpful wisdom insights that you need to keep you motivated. In Fact the page offers important expert pieces of information that you need to help you keep inspired. Remember inspiration helps you remain focused and remain resolute in chasing your objectives despite your challenges.

#4. Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the most established inspirational authors. Through her inspirational books, Elizabeth Gilbert has published various books that inspire people to stretch their fears beyond limits to access their creativity. If you are low and need a virtual pep talk, then her page is a perfect choice for you.


#5. Sweet  Green

Despite staying away from sweet Green, the photos shared on their page would ultimately make you salivate and make you feel like eating. In that case, if you are struggling with a lack of appetite and need to spice up your day, you can check out the page and get inspired to grab that meal that you may have lost appetite for.

#6. @realgirlsfart

Although sounding funny, the page goes a long way in inspiring girls to think beyond the horizon and believe in their abilities. Created by author and mental health advocate Achea Redd, the account focuses on empowering girls and equipping them with helpful information and tools to have their voices heard in various spheres. This aims to help women not only trust in their abilities but bring the best out of them.

#7. @thegoodquote

@thegoodquote Instagram account aims to inspire you to remain resilient regardless of the prevailing circumstances. In Fact if you need a reminder that it may never be enough today but tomorrow may be enough, then the page helps you keep fighting to realize your dream.

#8. @happsters

Just the way the name sounds, the page aims to inspire everyone to be happy regardless of the situation. One of the notable quotes coined by the Instagram account is that you will never influence the world by trying to be like it. This simply indicates that you should always appreciate your small achievements since you can never own everything in the world. Founded by Kelli Pease, the platform aims to advocate for happiness and a positive attitude online.

Besides amazing mantras, there are also puppies every Friday. If that doesn’t bring joy, we don’t know what to tell you. Those are a few phrases that aim to inspire you to cope with everything in life and not to lose hope since the next day may be better than today.

#9. @Anickenday

@anickenday platform focuses on inspiring women to go for what they want in the career world. The emphasis is for women to strike a work-life balance to improve mental health. The platform run by Annicken R Day reminds women to stay focused and achieve their full potential through exploiting available opportunities available for them.

One of the notable quotes on the platform new year, absolutely no need for a new you and several other inspirational quotes.


#10. Thefemalehustlers

Some of the notable quotes on the platform include, if you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it, if you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place. Such phrases are coined to inspire women to learn to remain resilient in pursuing what they need in life. In that case, if you need an appropriate motivation to work hard towards losing weight in a gym or work hard at work, then @thefemalehustlers is an ideal Instagram account for you.

While life is full of challenges and ups and downs, such motivational statements help you work extra hard to overcome and succeed in your area of specialization.

Whether you are working in a gym, a nurse, a doctor, or any other hustle in life, you can’t be better in what you do if you don’t love your work. That way, you stay motivated, resilient and achieve your career objectives.


Do you find things tough and feel like giving up? Well, the Instagram accounts highlighted in this article are ideal to help you keep motivated regardless of prevailing circumstances. We all need the energy to keep going since life is never a straight line. In that case, it’s high time you visit these Instagram pages for daily inspiration and motivation.